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Eating well is living well !


Entertaining is an art which begins with the pleasure of sight. Before delighting your taste buds, let us whet your appetite through the originality, elegance and inventiveness of our presentation.

Jean-Luc Daniel and Sonia Vliegen



Jean-Luc Daniel
0032 475/508.531


Sonia Vliegen



Creator of taste, trigger of desire

The meeting of two culinary enthusiasts
When artists get creative in the kitchen, what’s the result ?

A unique concept

Yves MATTAGNE, the famous double-starred chef from the Sea Grill in Brussels, and Jean-Luc DANIEL

present an experience for you, with all the love they have for the art of entertaining and the world of modern cuisine.
The passion of these two men for the culinary arts led to their meeting.
They now work together to develop menu ideas and a concept for entertaining.

The goal:

is to provide modern but authentic cuisine, cuisine that is presented with sensitivity and visual elegance, and refined in taste.
One commitment is to the pleasure of intense taste: to cook is to dream...


                Yves Mattagne & Jean-Luc Daniel
                  The food bears their signatures...